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Defy 6kg Front Loader Manhattan Grey DAW382



The 6kg Manhattan Grey Autowasher, the latest range of washers Defy have to offer. Biggest reasons to buy – priced as the most affordable, energy efficient washer on the market. This innovative machine will remove the deepest, nastiest stains whilst caring for your clothes. With 15 Main wash programmes and 4 Auxiliary functions, this environmentally friendly A energy rated machine is massive value for money. Giving you plenty of choice for all your laundry needs whilst conserving electricity and saving you money.

Other neat features include Aquafusion technology – which gives you a highly concentrated wash, making your detergent work harder for you. Woolmark technology – a feature that cares for your expensive woollens wash after wash. All Defy Washers carry a 3 year guarantee, which is one of the better guarantees in the industry. Save money, save water, save electricity with Southern Africa’s number one appliance brand.

No stain is left untreated in the incredible Defy 6kg Manhattan Grey Autowasher front loader washing machine. From the brand’s latest range, this machine is renowned for its top-end A energy rating which means you’re saving energy, saving water, saving time, and saving money with one purchase. Customise any load through one of 15 main wash programmes, or choose from four auxiliary functions as well.

Then there’s the superior technological options, including Aquafusion technology for a really concentrated wash, and Woolmark technology that protects all woollen laundry. And, with a three-year guarantee on every front loader, you know you’re investing with the best when you choose Defy.

A Energy Efficiency

Improved energy efficiency compared to A Energy rating to save more on electricity costs and benefit the environment.

Automatic Water Control System

To ensure optimum performance, the amount of water is automatically adjusted to suit the load of the laundry and the type of fabric washed. Controlled water consumption leads to greater efficiency, benefiting the environment and saving costs.

WoolmarkTM Technology

With Woolmark™ approved wool programme, your washer has the precise water and drum control. Woolens are tumbled in water throughout the cycle. A high speed spinning programme then finalises the wash cycle leaving perfect results wash after wash.

AquaFusion Technology

In regular machines, nearly 25% of the detergent is lost through the drain before interacting with the laundry. The Defy AquaFusion Technology blocks the tub outlet to keep all the detergent inside the washing tub, giving you perfect cleaning results.

Built-in Wi-Fi No
General Specifications
Energy Efficiency Rating A
No. of Programs 15
Spin Speed (rpm) 800.0000
Water Consumption 43 l
Finish Metallic
Boxed / Shipping Dimensions
Gross Weight 62 kg
Height 84 cm
Length / Depth 45 cm
Net Weight 59 kg
Width 60 cm
Product Dimensions
Product Height 84 cm
Product Length / Depth 45 cm
Product Width 60 cm
General Dimensions
Load Capacity 6 kg


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